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In fall of 2013 the American Instructional Football League (AIFL) partnered with both Parisi Speed School (PSS) and the National Football League (NFL) to launch a nationwide initiative to get children involved in the NFL Play 60 Flag Football program.

Our goal was to jump on the fast moving train that the NFL created called Play 60. This program was created by the NFL to combat childhood obesity by getting kids active for 60 minutes per day.

The timing was perfect. Did you know that in 2012, childhood obesity was the #1 concern of parents across the nation.

Our pilot program in the fall of 2013 was a great success with 160 participants, making up 21 teams.

What made it such a huge success? Three things in particular:

  • Kids got active playing flag football.
  • These kids learned some great skills that will apply to all sports.
  • The players really enjoyed the experience and self-esteem is rising.

And, this is what we're all about!

Why Flag Football?

AIFL Franchise Support

The American Instructional Football League (AIFL) is a non-profit that was set up for the purpose of conducting Flag Football Leagues both inside and outside of Parisi franchises.  Setting up as a non-profit creates a great framework for leagues to utilize us on several levels:

  • Ability to bring various organizations together under one banner without competitive fears.
  • Advantage of purchasing equipment without paying sales tax.
  • Ability to partner with governmental and educational institutions to help children get healthy.
  • Opportunity to partner with the NFL and other super brand Names.
  • Pricing leverage for purchasing equipment.

Reasons to play:

  1. Growing Concerns over concussions and other injuries.
  2. Develop and refine skills used in all sports without fear of collision.
  3. Time constraints on families make flag a great choice for staying active and learning skills.
  4. Helps create a strong self-esteem.
  5. Partnership between the AIFL, NFL and Paris's makes this a professionally run program.

Corporate Support

  • Provide all Equipment (cones, beanbags, zebra shirts, penalty flags, whistles, watches, etc) – The AIFL will provide Parisi franchises with all necessary equipment to operate a successful Flag Football League. 

In addition to required quantities of equipment the AIFL will provide all leagues with a price list of equipment if additional inventory is desired. Leagues can order all equipment through the AIFL to leverage best prices and pay no sales tax.

  • Secure Field Contracts – Once the Game Day Manager (GDM) identifies local fields to utilize for league play, the AIFL will work with the Parisi franchise GDM to negotiate the best rates and review all contracts before recommending a contract agreement.
  • Weekly Support Calls – The AIFL will provide Parisi Franchises with weekly support calls or support as needed, so leagues can experience early and continual success in setting up their leagues.
  • Coaches Manual – The AIFL will provide Parisi Franchises with five Coaches Manuals along with regular updates. In addition, all coaches that register through our aiflag.com website will receive a coaching manual (2x). Coaches that register through our website will receive extensive additional coaching support through USA Football.
  • Referee Manual – The AIFL will provide Parisi Franchises with online Flag Football rules of play for free and additional pocket sized referee manuals at special Parisi Franchise pricing.
  • Official Score Cards – The AIFL will provide Parisi Franchises with official game day score cards for use by the officials. These cards are used to keep track of game scores and team time outs.  Officials return these score cards to the GDM at the end of game day for ease in posting scores and standings.
  • Training for Game Day Manager – The AIFL will provide Parisi Franchises with written, verbal and online video training for a GDM. 
  • Training for Referees – In addition to the referee manual, the AIFL will provide Parisi Franchises online training for referees recruited by GDM.
  • Create Game Schedule – The AIFL will create the initial seasonal game schedule and provide training and support to the Parisi Franchise GDM on how to update, change or reschedule games on a weekly basis.
  • Marketing and Promotion – The AIFL will provide Parisi franchises with marketing and promotional materials that can be utilized to promote their Flag Football League.  These materials include, but are not limited to:
    • Promotional video.
    • Weekly ads.
    • Press releases.
    • Email templates .
  • Website SupportThe AIFL will provide Parisi Franchises with website support for registering their players and coaches, posting scores and publicizing league standings.
  • Awards and Trophies – The AIFL will provide Parisi Franchises with awards and/or trophies for post-season playoff winners.
Game Day Manager (GDM) - The Parisi Franchise will be responsible for recruiting or appointing from current staff a GDM, who will be responsible for running the day-to-day operation of their Flag Football League under the direction of Franchise Owners, Managers or Program Directors.

Responsibilities delegated to the GDM can include:

  • Locate Playing Field(s) - In order to open registrations for league play it is essential to obtain one or more fields suitable for playing flag football.  Recommended field dimensions are 25 yards wide by 70 yards long for grades K-8 (Generally four fields can fit on a high school regulation sized field, allowing for eight teams to play every hour).
  • Free Parisi Speed School (PSS) Evaluation – The GDM will work with the Program Director (PD) and Parisi Trainers to schedule personal evaluations for every registered player.
  • Roster Teams – As players register and attend their free Parisi Speed School evaluation, they will be rostered onto a team based upon their grade and personal athletic scores.
  • Parent and Coach Correspondence – It is critical that the GDM stay in regular communication with parents and coaches - answering concerns, providing game schedules, and perhaps most importantly, writing and directing fan mail for the players and coaches.
  • Manage Equipment – Equipment is necessary for safe play. The GDM will take care of managing and maintaining the equipment used for game day as well as additional inventory.  This equipment includes cones, referee materials, footballs, bulletin boards, registration table, banners, extra NFL jerseys, flag belts, etc.
  • Recruit Players – Flag football is a great opportunity for Parisi franchises to get in front of town athletic directors, high school athletic directors and coaches. Utilizing all the marketing tools provided by the AIFL with local contacts, the PD or GDM is positioned to successfully recruit players from their respective territories.
  • Recruit Referees – One of the visual successes of the AIFL Flag Football Initiative is seeing pinstriped referees on the field making the calls.  The officials give weight to the fact that this is real football (there are some that minimize the effectiveness of flag football for learning skills and improving performance). 
  • Identify Avenues for Marketing – Prior to launching the Flag Football Initiative, the Parisi Franchise Owner, Manager, PD and GDM should brainstorm all the markets available to them for marketing.  Once markets are identified, the team should decide which marketing tools should be utilized for each particular market and set up a timeline for the promotional strategy.
  • Launch and Manage Promotional Campaign – The PD or GDM should manage the promotional campaign to be sure that all deadlines are met. A timeline should be created and reviewed weekly to be sure everything is covered.
  • Staff Training – The PD and/or GDM should conduct a staff training session for all Parisi franchise trainers and administrative staff on the new Flag Football Initiative and provide a sheet of talking points for inquiries made to them. All contacts that come to Performance Coaches should be forwarded to the GDM or PD for follow up.


  • Arrival – GDM should arrive at the field 1 hour prior to game starts and remain until all equipment is cleaned up and parents, coaches and players are gone.
  • Registration Set Up – GDM should position a table (w/NFL Play 60, AIFL, and Parisi logo tablecloth if available).  Available at the table should be:
    • First aid kit with ice packs.
    • Official copy of roster.
    • Game day schedule.
    • Season schedule.
    • Coaches manuals.
    • Referee manuals.
    • NFL jerseys and flag belts.
    • Optional – laptop for online registrations.
    • Writing pad with pen or laptop or iPad for note-taking.
    • Footballs.
    • Parisi speed passes.
    • Marketing literature.
  • Assign Officials – Recruit referees for game day based on number of games being played.  The norm is 2 officials per game, but one official could manage K-2nd grades.  Assign referees to particular field for the day and review rules with them.
  • Resolve Issues – The GDM will be available to resolve any issues that come up on game day.  This could include anything from addressing parental concerns to player disciplinary actions, etc.
  • Collect Referee Equipment – At the end of game day the GDM will collect any equipment loaned to referees (i.e. beanbags, penalty flags, zebra shirts, rule book, etc.).
  • Collect Official Score Cards – The GDM will collect the official score cards from the Referees at the end of assigned games.
  • Clean Up – The GDM will clear the field of all equipment and leave the field in better condition than how they found it.

Season Kick Off Day

Opening day of the season is the first opportunity to let the parents see how organized and professional the partnership is between the AIFL, NFL Play 60 and PSS.  Remember, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

  • Opening Day - This is a two-hour session with everyone.  Agenda of the session is as follows:
    • Welcome and greeting by the GDM along with a rundown of what will be happening throughout the course of the day's session.
    • Parisi Trainers line up kids by grade for the Parisi Active Dynamic Warm Up (ADW).
    • Best trainer (personality wise) runs the players and coaches through the ADW (30 minutes).
    • Rodeo Stations to learn skills (QB drop and Passing Drill, Passing Tree Drill, RB Handoff Drill, Four Directional Movement Drill, etc.).  Parisi Trainers teach the stations with plenty of fun and encouragement. Stations will be timed and players will move through at a pace of 8 minutes per station.
    • Closing – GDM will gather parents, coaches and players to close and communicate the following:
      • Wrap-up with players (Did you guys learn some things? Did you have fun?).
      • Thank you for registering for the league.
      • Highlight the value they just received from the PSS Trainers.
      • Remind them of the partnership between the AIFL, NFL Play 60 and PSS.
      • Explain how players will be rostered onto teams and hand out PSS Speed Pass Evaluation and encourage them to make an appointment ASAP so they can be rostered onto a team.
      • Remind them of next week’s schedule.
      • Direct any players and coaches that have not registered on the website to do so.
  • Game Day Follow Up – GDM should send an email out to parents and one to coaches thanking them for their trust and participation, elaborating on the upcoming schedule, PSS free Speed Pass Evaluation, website registration, etc. These emails can be written prior to Opening Day, tweaked after opening day and sent.

Week #2

The second week is equally as important as the first week for showing the expertise and product of Parisi Speed Schools.  We have the Performance Coaches come to the first and second weeks so the parents get a great impression of both the PSS personnel as well as the Flag Football Initiative.

Schedule for the Week #2:

  • Welcome and explanation of the day with players, coaches and parents.
  • Players are given their jerseys If players have registered and paid they will be given their NFL Play 60 jerseys and flags. If they have not registered and paid, they will receive a loaner flag belt that must be returned at the end of the session.
  • Players and coaches participate in the ADW led by the Performance Coaches.
  • Players are broken up into evenly divided teams (these are not the rostered teams) and instructed to put on their flag belts.  During this time the coaches are given some coaching instructions by the GDM along with a brief review of the coaching manual.
  • PSS Performance Coaches referee the next hour of practice games.
  • Same wrap-up as week one.

* Depending on number of players, there could be two sessions so we can give more attention to individuals and teams, and so we can get everyone on a playing field.



  • Players register for a 10-week season for $145 each through the aiflag.com website.
  • PSS Franchise can expect between 10% - 20% of gross revenues.  The percentage will vary based on certain variables:
    • Field rental cost.
    • Referee cost.
    • Equipment cost.
    • Registration fees.
  • These monies will be used to offset the PD and/or GDM for their administrative and program work.

On a 100-yard Field

Using a regulation sized 100-yard high school field.

  • Four fields can be set up at a time, handling 8 teams per hour using a 50-minute running clock.
  • Fields are specified at 25 yards by 70 yards, but length could be shortened based on available space.
  • On a regulation football field we can operate 4 fields at a time width-wise.  This means that the length of the flag field goes width-wise on a regulation football field.
  • Fields are set up with cones in the following way:
    • Starting from one end zone (including the end zone) 25 yards is marked off.  On a properly marked field this would be from the end zone to the 15-yard line.  This is the width.
    • The length is measured out and marked from the yellow sideline of the soccer lines (or beyond if available – up to 70 yds. in total).

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